Types of Acne

There are many types of acne that haunt lots of people as a nightmare today. Getting a blackhead on your face is not a simple hurdle that can be jumped over these days, as you have to be very precautious in choosing the right counter measure to your problem. Just thinking about an acne solution is not enough, you have to be first sure of the correct acne problem that you have. There are many varieties of acne that can attack your skin may it be due to the genes or hormonal reasons or due to the environment changes that your skin undergoes through. Knowing the type of Acne infection you have helps you to equip yourself better against the after effects.

The most common type of acne that occur are papulo-pustular or the inflammatory types. They can be effectively countered by benzoyl peroxide and other commonly available acne gels. Under this type, the brutality scale ranges from mild, to moderate to severe. For severe acne, it is best to consult a skin doctor and restrain from trying all handy means of cure. Another type is the comedonal or non-inflammatory acne. These are best treated by azelaic acid and salicylic acid.

Some most widespread types are illustrated below which are seen among different age groups.

  • Cystic Acne
    These are the ones which bring lots of pain with them. They can even cause extensive scarring which makes the condition even worse as it take quite some time to get rid of. It mostly ranges from mild to severe acne if not treated effectively. It is also accompanied by deep inflamed nodules which appear to be firm and sore. It can even show large pus filled cysts.
  • Acne Conglobata
    Going to severe forms of acne, you are sure to find this type on the top. It attacks not only the face but it can go to chest and back as well. If you are a victim of this type, you should consider getting an appointment with your dermatologist as soon as possible as this type is quite difficult to cure.
  • Acne Vulgaris
    This is the medical name given to common acne. Its symptoms being papules and pustules which causes irritation and nonetheless embarrassment that one has to deal on a regular basis. It can be cured with sulfur or laser treatment whichever best suits you.
  • Blackheads –
    The most common name that you come around while talking about skin problems is Blackheads. These are the non inflammatory acne lesions that are formed due to collection of excess dead skin cells and oil. ‘Open Comedones’ is another name given to these because the skin surface remains open.
  • Whiteheads –
    They are more or less similar to the blackheads except for the fact that they are ‘Closed Comedones’ which means they have the surface of the skin closed with a white center. These are lesions that form due to the blockage of hair follicle.
  • Nodular Acne –
    These are characterized by a large lump deep beneath the skin which is painful and may last for months. Being under the skin makes it even more uncomfortable and many a times it may result in tissue destruction. This mainly ranges to severe acne and in worse conditions produces scarring. Squeezing this kind is never a healthy idea.

Suffering from any type of acne is a painful experience but natural remedy or expert advice can help to eradicate acne to a certain degree.

Acne types leave behind various types of scars. The common teenager has classified it into Ice pick scars, box car scars, rolling scars, and thickened scars. These scars can also be removed by various skin treatments that are available.

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