Teenage Acne

Most of the teenagers are simply scared of Acne so it is very important to find solutions for teenage Acne if they want to avoid scarring. Pimples are quiet common at the time of adolescence, but this can under no circumstances be an excuse to ignore it and just let it to heal all by itself. Acne if by any chance not arrested at the very beginning then may leave an ugly looking mark that most of the teenagers may have to carry throughout their adulthood.

The efficacy of the acne solutions particularly for teenagers would mostly depend upon the level of condition and also the skin type of the teenager. In fact medication may not be the only thing that most of the teenagers should be concerned about, they should also pay attention to most of the habits that they perform on daily basis including hygienic practices that could in fact make their pimples more worse with the like hood of developing into a scar. Teenagers should in fact learn the basics of cleanliness as it may be very important for a healthy skin and it serves as a primary cause for development of acne.

How to reduce Teenage Acne?

Never go to bed with wearing a makeup on. One should always try to wash up before going to bed. Try keeping the pillows and bed sheets clean. Avoid using towels that other people use. One should also avoid using any personal belongings of other person as one may never be sure of what he or she can get from these belongings. One of the most important thing is that never try to pick or squeeze your pimples unless you are sure that you want to carry scar throughout your life.

The hygiene advice may be quiet basic but one really needs to follow them as most of them are really very much important. Even if you have followed most of the advice and you are still facing the problem of acne then the best option would be to consult your dermatologists. Most of the teenagers simple tend to leave their pimples behind when saying goodbye to their teenage years and one would most probably enjoy their adulthood in a pimple free environment and not simply wait for the time when you are actually pimple free.

Most of the teenagers are often prescribed with tropical treatments for their pimples which may include antibacterial, antibiotics or even retinoid. These medications are very much effective when applied to the infected areas at least twice a day. This may in fact reduce inflammation to a certain limit and also help in eliminating the pimple causing bacteria. But in certain special cases these treatments may not be sufficient. If acne may be in its most radical stage then a permanent cure may be needed.

One can also try the phototherapy or he laser treatment to get rid of these pimples which is also known as advanced treatments. The intense light would definitely bur away the bacteria and most of the oil producing glands thus helping in getting rid of pimples. But it is always advisable to consult a dermatologist in advance.

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