Pubic Acne

Pubic acne is a subject that cannot be discussed openly anywhere. In fact, the majority of people are even hesitant of bringing this topic out in front of their doctors. Reason for this is just the taboo that we have been attaching to the human genitalia since the beginning of civilization. Pubic acne is nothing but the sweat glands in and around the pubic region getting blocked and infected. This results in pimple like lesions surfacing in the region. Pubic acne can be extremely painful owing to the extra sensitivity in the area caused by a large concentration of nerve endings. This problem mainly occurs due to the conditions that genitals are kept in such as extreme heat and damp coupled with darkness. These conditions are ideal for bacterial growth of all kinds which makes a person’s genitalia especially susceptible to outbreak of pimples. Although these conditions are the primary cause for the existence of pubic acne, there are still other detailed reasons why it can occur. Some of them are.

  1. External substances:
    The genital region is especially sensitive to external substances. Therefore, harsh creams, detergents, soaps and other similar substances can result in pubic acne. Poor hygiene is also one of the more common reasons for this commonly occurring problem. In addition, bad surrounding environment i.e. a lot of pollution can result in an outbreak of acne in the pubic area.
  2. Stress:
    Stress has been known to be a supporting and sometimes even the primary cause for many health related problems. In fact, some sects of the world even believe that a healthy mind can prevent the body from being sick as well. Stress is another cause for pubic acne that should be considered.
  3. Hormones:
    Hormonal changes are the most widely believed cause for acne, regardless of whether it is on the face or in the genital region. Hormonal imbalance can also result from unhealthy diets. Apart from unhealthy diets, hormonal changes can occur due to natural changes in the body such as menstruation, pregnancy, reaching of puberty etc. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for specific medications to have major effects on a person’s hormone levels.

The main way to cure or prevent acne in the pubic region is a healthy lifestyle coupled with consistent balanced diets. However, if the acne already exists then the main aim should be to clean the pores of the affected area as acne is nothing but the clogging of skin pores followed by infection. Additionally, there are special pubic acne creams that have been found to be extremely useful in resolving this issue.

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