Proactive Renewing Cleanser

Whatever age bracket you fall in, suffering from acne and having a rough skin especially on your face can be a traumatizing and stressful (for lack of better word) experience, one that you’re only excessively be happy to get rid of. The industry on the other hand knows too well that acne is a serious problem, reflected in the many products out there. Knowing which products to go for and which are just advertising gimmicks can be quite a stressful task, owing to the wide array of treatments to select from.

Proactive renewing cleanser is one of the key elements of the best known and much celebrated acne treatment set in the market today – the Proactive solution. It forms the first step that is supposed to exfoliate dead skin cells and all impurities responsible for acne. Proactive renewing cleanser is oil-free in nature and is loaded with many active and inactive ingredients all that work together to get rid of stubborn acne from its root cause, guaranteeing no recurrence anytime in the future.

The most active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, forming 2.5% of the total ingredients. Benzoyl Peroxide, as it is known world over, is able to penetrate pores, destroy bacteria and get rid of all blemishes. The cleanser gently and softly washes and cleanses your skin, while the tiny grains will unclog all pores in the process of a gentle exfoliation of impurities and dead cells.

The cleanser has an advanced delivery system which will ensure that the cleanser gets even on your skin surface and doesn’t leave some areas clearer and flawless than other areas of your skin. It isn’t possible to become resistant to bacteria using benzoyl peroxide; hence the cleanser can be used effectively and safely over time.

Sodium Hyaluronate – another ingredient found in the proactive renewing cleanser that acts as a humectant. Expected of any good humectant, it capably draws moisture into your skin, no wonder your skin will never dry out or crack while under the Proactive Acne Treatment Solution. Polyethylene, the other noteworthy ingredient in Proactive Cleanser gently and softly removes dead cells without scratching or tearing your skin. Chamomile Extract on the other hand is famous for its soothing properties hence will sooth your skin as you use the Proactive Renewing Cleanser.

Proactive Renewing Cleanser is to be used in the morning and at night by simply applying a small size of it on your skin after dampening all affected areas. Gently massage it thoroughly leaving it to settle for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water, and patting the skin dry using a clean towel. For best results, follow this process with a toner and moisturizer.

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