Proactive Acne Solution

Proactive Solution is an OTC – over the counter topical treatment used to treat mild to moderate forms of acne. However, it is more than just a topical acne treatment as it is an all-inclusive acne management system that will target the root cause of your acne by healing your existing acne and preventing possible future breakouts.

This is what sets Proactive Solution apart from the rest – while other acne products will treat the condition leaving you with a clear skin, the condition is bound to recur in future since the root cause of the problem has not been tackled. With proactive, thanks to the ingredients and how it has been formulated, it penetrates deep in the affected skin and immobilizes all acne causing bacteria, leaving you with a clear, smooth, lustrous skin.

Proactive Solution is formulated with various ingredients and soothing botanicals such as panthenol, allantoin, chamomile, and aloe, no wonder it leaves the skin smooth, well hydrated, and healthy. Another active Proactive solution is Benzoyl Peroxide, an ingredient that penetrates the unclogged pores annihilating Propionibacterium acnes – the bacteria responsible for acne. Additionally, you will find disodium dimethicone copolyol sulfosuccinate, propylene glycol, imidazolidinyl urea, xanthan gum, among others.

This celebrity-endorsed acne product is easy to use, and involves a three step process that will destroy your acne completely. Truth be told, it can be very stressful to know that you have left behind acne, only to recur when you least expect it. However, with the 3 step process involved in Proactive Solution, you get rid of acne even before it shows on your skin.

Step 1
Wash with the exfoliating renewing Cleanser – this is an oil-free formula that has tiny, smooth grains to gently and soothingly exfoliate all dead skin cells and all other impurities that are responsible for acne. Thanks to the active benzoyl peroxide constituent, it penetrates all pores, attacks bacteria and cures all spots and blemishes fast.

Step 2

Unclog pores using the revitalizing toner – this is an alcohol-free gentle formula that will remove dead cells, unplug all skin pores and get rid of excess oil from your skin leaving you with a refreshed look and feel. Thanks to the soothing botanical agents, this refreshing formula will balance the tone of your skin, as it prepares it for your last step.

Step 3
Attack bacteria with the repairing lotion – contains diaphanously milled Benzoyl Peroxide that will penetrate the pores to the root cause of the acne. It’s responsible for drying out all blackheads and pimples as well as helping control and prevent future breakouts.

Proactive Solution is designed to be used twice a day meaning it is very gentle on the skin, doesn’t cause irritations and any other adverse skin conditions caused by other products. This is because Proactive doesn’t contain abrasive chemicals that will make the skin dry and flaky, forcing you to use additional products to fight the problem.

The most effective acne treatment should be all-inclusive so that you will not be forced to mix different chemicals on your skin. Being gentle doesn’t mean that Proactive Solution will not tackle severe acne cases such as the annoying Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. A lot of women suffering from PCOS will tell you that they spent thousand of dollars on make-up every month so that they could conceal the spots and blemishes using heavy makeup. Luckily, that is history now thanks to Proactive Solution.

But when all is said and done, there are other factors that contribute to acne that you ought to know. Things such as your diet and poor hygiene will also contribute to acne. You ought to know the proper way of washing your face and all affected areas, complement it with the right diet and when topped up with an all-inclusive acne management solution i.e. Proactive Solution, you’ll be sure that your problem will go away, this time for good.

There is more to treating acne than simply scrubbing the face with any acne medication you come across or rubbing some cream at night before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning. If you want to keep away from the dermatologist’s office, and away from expensive surgical procedures and expensive make-up and acne products, you can bet on Proactive Solution.

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