Potatoes and Herbal Green Tea

After talking to many people suffering from Acne, I did not find many saying that they are satisfied from the methods they used in order to prevent or cure it. People start hiding their face due to bad-looking pimples and patch that Acne causes and that phase of life becomes very embarrassing. Several people who went through side effects of using Acne medications and others who saw them turned towards natural home remedies since they do not have any side effects associated with them. Out of such home remedies are the two methods that I am briefing below.

A great and effective homemade remedy for treating acne are potatoes. If you have potatoes then it is good otherwise go get some from the Wal-Mart. Get your face washed thoroughly and peel of a few potatoes after that. Now start rubbing those potatoes peels over the infected areas where the pimples and other spots are present. You can leave the peeled potatoes over the infected areas for around an hour. Then just simply rinse your face with good face wash or glycerin soap. You will see success pretty soon. Potatoes will dry out the acne spots and clear your skin so you can expect the success shortly after a few uses of potatoes acne mask.

Herbal or green tea method can be carried side-by-side along with the potato method. It is similar that you apply the tealeaves on the infected areas leaving them on for a while and then get the face rinsed. Herbs would be absorbed through the skin into the pores fighting off bacteria that are causing Acne breakouts. Both these methods will surely bring you success and an acne free skin in no time at all. You can find more information on Green Tea in here – Using Green Tea For Acne

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