Laser Acne Treatment

Though we hate it, most of us will suffer from acne at some point in our lives. It is unfortunately not restricted to teenage years, for many adults suffer for years. Acne causes a severe blow to your self esteem and interferes with social life and work. But gone are the days when those scars remained, even when the big spots had faded. The advancement of technology in medical field has given us very effective acne treatments for both active acne and scarring. Nowadays acne treatment uses high-spec laser technology to destroy the acne causing bacteria and stimulate the immune system of patient.

Before going into the treatment let us see how pimples are formed. Many pores are there in our skin connected to oil producing glands under the skin. These glands produce oils that move dead skin cells to the skin surface. Sometimes the pipe that connects the pore to the gland gets clogged up due to excessive oil production. Pimples are formed as a result of this. There are different names to different varieties of problems and a dermatologist will help you to understand your condition.

Current treatments for acne involve the use of antibiotics for longer duration or harsh drying lotions like benzoyl peroxide. Different types of medication and topical markets as well as natural or organic products hit the market. But the products do not deliver as they promise and the same product does not suit for all since everyone does not have the same problem.

Laser treatment is an appealing therapy for acne as it does not include messy creams, drugs etc. Also there is minimal risk of side effects. Laser and light based therapies reach the deeper layers of skin without harming the surface of skin. Some laser systems damage the oil or sebaceous glands, making them secrete less oil. There are other laser therapies which target P.acnes, the bacterium that causes acne inflammation. Added advantages are there for these therapies as they improve skin texture and lessen the appearance of scars. Hence it is a good treatment choice for people suffering from both active and acne scars. Many are going for it since it avoids the potential complications of medications.

Pulsed dye lasers have been used effectively for treating vascular lesions, including conditions like port wine stains. Proof is also there that the therapy may improve fine wrinkles and acne scarring by increasing collagen production. Apart from pulsed dye lasers, other types of laser therapy using different wavelengths of light are also used for treating acne.

Diode lasers can destroy sebaceous glands in the dermis, the thick middle layer of skin, without destroying the outer layer. Laser treatment may involve pain, but can be controlled with analgesics applied to the skin before treatment. The side effects are minimal and whatever is there is temporary. The redness and swelling of the treated areas with disappear within a few days of the treatment.

However the studies on laser therapy have been shallow and not extensive. Dermatologists are using laser in clinical practice since the devices are cleared for use and they don’t cause harm to the patients. The effectiveness of the treatment and the long term risks or benefits is still unknown.

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