Homemade Acne Mask

Treat Acne with Homemade Masks

Homemade Acne MaskPeople tend to be sceptical about home remedies in general, but thousands who have tried them for skin problems prefer these methods over store-bought lotions and cream. They are more effective, cheaper, and there are so many you can try that eventually you will find one that works great for you. No matter what your skin type and no matter how much you’ve abused it in the past, you can improve it considerably with herbal and homemade remedies. This may sound like a tall claim, but many people with stubborn, problem skin that fails to react to chemical dermatological treatments swear by herbal ‘cures’. Homemade acne masks are a part of home remedies for acne that are sometimes as efficient as medical solutions.

So lets get to it. If you have oily, acne- and blackhead-prone skin, you will find the following masks helpful. In addition you may want to experiment with the various other ingredients given below.

Lemon Juice Acne Mask
Lemons have been used in facials and face masks for centuries. They contain natural alpha-hydroxy acids, or AHAs, which help to clear the skin and impurities and encourage new cell regeneration. The astringent properties prevent further acne from appearing. It is also known to be effective for getting rid of acne scars.
It is possible to apply lemon juice to your face directly, and the results if left overnight can be remarkable, but it is not advisable if your skin is sensitive. It can be used along with any of your favourite facials, or just diluted in rose water or ordinary water and applied. Use it along with clay to dry out your acne while treating it.

Egg-Based Masks
This is another popular treatment among people who use herbal remedies. Take the egg white and whip it until soft and frothy. Apply it to your face and leave for 20 minutes before washing it off. Red spots become noticeably lighter and the pores become tightened with regular application. You can also use this with other face packs, or mix it with your own ingredients. People allergic to eggs and egg whites should obviously refrain from using this recipe. The smell might bother you as well, as it might not totally go away after washing your face. This can be avoided by using the mask at night just before you go to bed.
Egg yolk can be used in the same way as the egg white. Separate the white and yolk and whip it up in a bowl. It contains Vitamin A which helps to get rid of acne scars. Both the egg yolk and egg white can be used together, as well as along with the lemon juice.

Baking Soda
Used only with water, this mask can make your skin softer and visibly smoother. Be careful not to use baking powder instead, however. Mix a little with water and apply it on your face. Leave for 20 minutes and wash off. You can use a little of the mixture in other face masks as well. It is a mild astringent and may sting a little if you have sensitive skin.
Find out more about baking soda acne cream.

Oatmeal mask
This is a gentle mask that can be used for all skin types. Mix a little oatmeal with water or lemon juice and apply it on your face. Leave until it hardens and wash off, rubbing it lightly over your skin. This mask is effective in removing blackheads and dead skin that comes off with the rubbing motion. It is also a very effective cleanser. It can be used instead of soap with no ill effects. The oatmeal can be ground in a mixer or used directly, although it can be easier to make a paste with if ground.

Sea Salt
Sea salt is known as a highly effective exfoliator. It is not advisable to use it on sensitive skin or skin with a lot of red marks or pimples. However if your skin has cleared up and only has a few scars, you can safely use it with your bath water or separately just on your face. It is highly effective in getting rid of blackheads and dead cells. Used regularly it will reveal a clear skin.

Pure honey is one of the best remedies for acne that is troublesome and uncomfortable. It soothes the pustule immediately and can be applied directly from the bottle. Left on the skin overnight it makes it noticeably clearer by the morning. However, if you care about your linen you might want to cover it with a towel before you rest your face on it.
It can also be used with other ingredients like oatmeal or a mashed banana, and then washed off after 20 minutes.

Tea Tree Oil
Arguably the best remedy for painful and bothersome acne marks, tea tree oil is best used in its pure form. Directly applied to your skin topically, it is the most effective treatment for acne and acne scars. It has a soothing effect when applied and dries out the pimple, helping it heal. It can be used overnight for best effect.
Tea tree oil also contains anti-bacterial agents which prevent the occurrence of more pimples and red marks. It can be used along with other masks, including clay-based ones. It should be noted that if you are allergic to the oil you should refrain from using it on your skin. However, it is known to be the safest method to treat acne, as it has no side effects.

Popular mostly in kitchens, vinegar is becoming increasingly popular among people with acne scars. The acidic nature of the substance helps in sloughing away dead cells and scarred skin and helps to regenerate the layers. For sensitive skin, it is best to dilute it in water before using it. It can be an effective toner as well.
Various kinds of vinegar are available in the market and any kind can be used. However, apple cider vinegar is preferred because it is more natural than synthetic vinegars. Alternatively, white wine vinegar can also be effectively used.

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