Home Remedies for Acne Scars

Homemade Remedies Acne ScarsStatistics indicate that acne skin condition affects over 50 million Americans only, not including people from other parts of the world. This reflects the magnitude this skin condition has on the society. Home remedies for acne scars come in handy in extreme acne infection cases or when the acne pimples have been squeezed to cause scarring. Mild acne scars can heal with the use of some simple homemade remedies of natural ingredients and products or sometimes even disappear on their own with proper diet. However, deep scars can remain forever; reason enough to do all you can to avoid acne scars.

Some of the commonly used home remedies for acne scars include:-

  • Tomato slices – they lighten up the marks when rubbed on the scars
  • Ice – tightens the skin pores and reduces sebum secretion
  • Sandalwood paste – a paste of sandalwood in rose water applied on the scars overnight will greatly improve the appearance of the scars
  • Turmeric – this product in particular has been used for many years as a beauty product. When a paste of it is applied on the skin, it equally helps in clearing acne scars
  • Egg whites – they are readily available and are very effective home remedies for acne scars. Using a cotton ball, apply on the scars and leave overnight.
  • Cucumber Juice – this is a known skin moisturizer and toner which greatly enhance the texture of the skin. It equally reduces inflammation, heals scars, and generally soothes the skin
  • Olive oil – when you massage this oil on the affected area after cleaning it, it will smoothen the skin and make it lessen the scars
  • Sage and Aloe Vera – famous for their healing properties, they are known to bring instant relief to acne scars. Apply aloe Vera gel directly on the skin by rubbing it while the sage should be soaked in hot water, allowed to cool off before applying on the scarred parts of the skin
  • Honey – this is a known natural moisturizer and a great home remedy for acne scars. Apply honey mask on the affected area and leave overnight for better results.
  • Lavender oil – known for its regenerative properties, when applied on the affected areas can rejuvenate the scarred skin
  • Rosehip seed oil – this oil is known for its potent anti-aging properties and has proven to reduce skin discoloration and the acne scars. Gently and lightly massage the oil twice a day on clean affected area.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables – this can never be overemphasized as making this part of you daily diet will gradually but surely reduce and get rid of acne scars completely.
  • Water – this is perhaps the best and most natural way of treating acne scars, it is readily available, very affordable, and works wonders. Take plenty of water every day to flush out harmful toxins off your body, revitalize your skin and hydrate it so that it will not crack. Water also helps in shedding off dead skin cells and the process of new and healthy skin formation.

For other homemade remedies you can read the comprehensive guide to home remedies for acne.


Homemade Remedies Acne Scars

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