Get Rid of Acne for A Better Life

Don’t Let Acne Ruin Your Life

There is more to acne than meets the eye. As if hormone-related changes are not enough, one also has to deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of the acne. Take a look at the many things acne can do to your life.

Low self-esteem
Acne can bring about low self-esteem. The teen years are about going out, discovering things, and meeting new friends. When you have acne, you tend to feel inadequate as a person. You might feel insecure, especially when you see your fellow classmates and friends having acne-free skin. You also think you’re inferior to them because of your poor complexion.

Feelings of shame and depression
Because of the thinking that you can’t measure up to your peers, you feel ashamed of yourself and your acne. You feel like an outcast, embarrassed because of your zits. These negative thoughts and feelings, if continued in the long run, can leave you feeling worthless and depressed.

Feelings of anger and frustration
You are angry at yourself and your body for developing acne. You do something about it by consulting dermatologists and using the anti-acne medications. When the treatments don’t work, you feel frustrated and think nothing’s ever going to work. You question why the solutions work for other people, and not for you. You tend to lash out at anything, especially to things related to beauty and skin care.

Poor perception of self

When you look in the mirror and see your pimples and spots, you feel like you’re up to no good. You see yourself as someone who is good for nothing, a person who doesn’t have what it takes to succeed in life. You always think of yourself as the person with the red spots and shiny zits. On no account you think of yourself as beautiful. How can someone ridden with acne be actually beautiful?

You are gripped about your acne. You while your time away facing the mirror, and picking on your pimples. You constantly think of cures and ways to put an end to your condition. You read anything and everything related to vanquishing acne. You’re too focused on how to control your acne that you deal with other things later – that is, if you deal with them at all.

Alienation and isolation

All these feelings of reduced self-worth and preoccupation with acne can have negative results on your social life. You refuse to go out and mingle with others due to the belief that all they will notice of you is your acne. You worry what other people will say about you. Besides, you’re lost in thought about your acne anyway.

When you think about it, the more devastating effects of acne are those that cannot be seen. If you are afflicted with acne, keep this in mind: you can treat acne. If you think it’s a hopeless case, change your train of thought. There is available treatment out there that will work for you. Instead of moping around and feeling low, do something about it. Never permit acne to affect your worth.

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