Causes of Acne

You Should Learn to Distinguish Myths from the Real Causes of Acne

The Facts
Acne, for most individuals, begins at adolescence because this is when the body begins to produce androgens. Androgens are hormones that cause stimulation and enlargement of the sebaceous glands among people with acne. A female who is sensitive to this hormone has a tendency to have acne during her menstrual period.

The extra oil or sebum that is secreted by the sebaceous glands mix with the dead skin cells and this fusion is acted upon by bacteria which then cause blocking of the pores and become a serious acne cause. Right inside the blocked pores are bacteria which causes inflammation and eventually spots and pustules.

Stress is also a common acne cause. This is because stress causes the production of yet another hormone—cortisol—which greatly aggravates acne. In the past, this is believed to be mere myth but just recently, German researchers have found an indication that stress can cause acne as well as other skin disorders. This, again, goes back to the CRH (corticotrophin)-releasing hormone which is secreted and released to the sebaceous glands. Eventually, this acne cause results into what teenagers and adults hate – ACNE.

Another possible cause is the genetic makeup of each individual. If your parents have acne, it is likely that you would have the condition too.

Sometimes, heavy makeup or having too much oil based products applied to your face could also be an acne cause. Oil-based makeup clog the pores and cause dirt to build up which would eventually develop into acne. Oftentimes, the patient purchases medications and cosmetic products that promise to alleviate the worsening condition, only to be proven useless in the end. Most of these products aggravate and do not reduce acne problems.

There could also be medical products, such as steroids, some forms of anti-depressants; oral contraceptives or anti-epilepsy drugs that can make a person’s skin flare up.

The Myths

The number one myth of all time is that acne is caused by poor hygiene. This is far from the truth; in fact, a person with acne who washes his face frequently might aggravate the problem rather than reduce it. Excess oils, hormones, and dead skin could all be an acne cause but having dirt on one’s face or not taking a bath regularly will never be the root cause of acne.

Another acne myth is that acne will just go away on its own—this is wrong. Acne can clear up only if you do something about it. This does not mean self-medication, though.

The Truth

The truth is, acne is a severe condition that should be taken seriously. On the onset of acne, you should immediately consult a dermatologist so that you would be given a proper prescription.

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