Baby Acne Cream

Baby Acne also referred to as acne neonatorum affects newborns but especially baby boys.  It is quite a common disease that should not alarm you as a parent.  The signs of this ailment are red pimples around the cheeks, chin, forehead and back.  It occurs because of a reaction to the imbalance of certain kinds of male and female hormones in the newborn’s system after the withdrawal of the mother’s estrogens after delivery.

As a parent of a newborn baby a lot of anxiety over your baby’s health is a normal reaction.  If you discover that your bundle of joy has developed acne do not panic.  What you need to do is remember that it is a common disease that should clear up in a matter of a few months, four at the most, and so you just need to love and care for you precious gift.

There are a number of baby acne creams that you can use in order to deal with the dryness of your baby’s skin and the irritation.  Hydrocortisone cream comes highly recommended especially in relieving the itchiness and irritation.  Ionic Colloidal silver solution is another effective cream that is considered one of the safest because of baby’s tender skin.  This valuable cream kills the bacteria that feed off the skin’s excess oil, stops the itchiness and reduces swelling which can a frightful sight on a baby.  Baby Areno is another brilliant cream that helps soother dry, flaky skin.

All these different baby acne creams are designed to soothe itchiness, lessen swelling and soften the dry skin.  However you should note that your baby acne doesn’t hurt the baby in any way it just makes them look a bit reddish, flaky and the visible pimples don’t help either.  You should also consult with a pediatrician before administering any creams as they might have an adverse effect on your child.  Also avoid using baby lotions and creams as they may also aggravate the acne and worsen the discomfort.

If you notice that your baby’s acne has not cleared up within four months then it becomes a rare but severe case and medical help should be sort immediately.  Shower your baby with tender love and care to get them through this painless but uncomfortable phase and don’t sadden yourself with thoughts of how your baby looks.  Baby acne is non-scarring and so with the right cream there’ll hardly be evidence of this experience.

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