Baby Acne

Imagine that you have a newborn baby and when you see him for the first time you don’t see a clear skin but a skin full of pimples. Yes this can be the case. The following passage will help you to understand what baby acne is, what’s the cause of baby acne is and what can be done about it.

What is Baby Acne?
Baby acne is termed “acne neonatorum”. It is a condition that affects around 20 % of newborn babies. Mostly there are red pimples on cheeks but sometimes there are pimples on chin and forehead.

Sometimes baby acne shows itself at the time of birth but sometime it appears after few weeks of birth.

Mostly baby acne disappears itself within three months. If it does not disappear the parents should contact doctor.
It is good to note that tiny bumps on the face of newborn that disappears within few weeks are not acne rather it is milia. Milia are not related to baby acne.

What Causes Baby Acne?
There are some factors that cause acne on the skin of the baby.

  • Some medicines cause baby acne.
  • Like adult acne, sometimes baby acne is because of irritation.
  • Petroleum or mineral oil also cause baby acne.
  • Mother’s hormones are also responsible for acne breakout in babies. As the baby grew older it loses the hormones of mother and baby acne fades away.
  • Medicines used by the pregnant mother are also responsible for acne breakout n newborns.

Treatment for Baby Acne

  • You’ll be surprised to read that lotions and oils do not help baby acne. Thorough cleaning of baby’s face either with water or mild soap is the only thing that helps.
  • One must not scrub the soft skin of baby as it may irritate the condition.
  • You can use some vinegar based product if it is all natural.
  • Putting creams and oils on the face of the baby is a bad idea. This works good on teenage or adult acne but not on baby’s acne.
  • If the acne of baby does not fade away even after three months then better visit a dermatologist. Most of the time leaving the baby acne as it is helps it to heal faster. So better leave the acne on your baby’s face alone; it will heal at its own.

Summing-up baby acne is not that worse. Patience is the best thing that can help your baby. So have patience and let the acne run its course.

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