Acne Myths

What You Should Know about Acne Myths

Skin specialists have been battling acne myths which happen to demean the solutions to this problem. People, generally develop their own believes in the essence that they come up with improper approaches which never give remedies and permanent solutions to the problems of acne. This is what is generally referred to as myths and the specialist are fighting it day and night to oversee the possible acne solutions. Learning about these acne myths is one good way of avoiding the myths and practicing the cure in a good yet effective approach.

Myth #1

Poor hygiene cannot be directly taken as an acne cause as many people take it to be. This is one of the most common acne myths so it is important that we clarify why hygiene does not directly cause acne. There are many people who take it that poor hygiene is the facilitating factor of acne but they are totally mistaken and should do more research before justifying their claims. Out of that though, many people neglect the idea of washing the skin thoroughly and blame their diets and hygiene. Others take it literally that you have to over wash because bacteria and other skin acne causes are present everywhere and must be washed. In this sense, acne does not cure and the condition deteriorates because natural lipids on the skin are washed away a condition which makes the scratching of the skin possible and the skin becomes more susceptible to harm.

Myth #2

After over washing, there is a possibility that a natural barrier is compromised and this function is therefore altered. The follicle which is a great part of the skins protection produces some excessive sebum leading to more complications of breakouts on the skin and this does not solve anything other than causing more irritations. From all corners of your daily duties, it is possible to get dirty with jobs like a mechanic but over washing the face is not the remedy. A good way is to get a good antiseptic and wash the face normally and this will work in handling skin acne.

Myth #3

People still have the belief that certain foods are the major cause of acne and this is a misplaced thought when handling acne. The idea that junk food are the worst in causing acne and making it severe at a time when acne is present can be only described as another acne myth. Diet, from the scientific point of view has mild effects on acne and it should not be the point of focus in handling acne. Eating a healthy diet is quite important but on the same note, you should never blame a diet as an acne cause. Though to some people acne is facilitated to some extent by certain foods, quitting the intake will not do any favor; it would be good to find other remedies which cure the condition.

Myth #4

There are issues to do with negligence in people taking it that acne is a short term effect on the skin. With time, they think that acne will disappear and this is very wrong. Take acne as a very serious problem so that you handle it effectively. Acne in the first place, embarrasses someone and forces one to hide from the public due to less confidence and reduced self esteem and this is enough to make you think of having it done and solved immediately. Never forget that your personal as well as work relations are usually compromised by acne which becomes very severe and observable making one hide his face from the relatives and friends.

Myth #5

While away the belief that cosmetics clear acne because they might be as well a cause of acne and all sophisticated make-ups should be totally avoided. This is another common acne myth. The truth is that there are contents making up the cosmetics and this is what a cause of acne is. For instance, salicylic acid which is seen in many cosmetics happens to be a fight on acne but on the same note some skins react different to it and this might sometimes worsen the situation and irritate the skin more making the healing process very difficult.

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