Adult Acne

Pimples, zits and acne are mostly linked with teenagers; when a person is going through puberty in his teen years. It is a surprising fact that adult acne is even more common than teenage acne. Some adults pass their teenage years without the stubborn acne which their peers have suffered. These adults got embarrassed to discover that acne is not only the story of past; as they are the victims of adult acne. Some are embarrassed; still others are confused and frustrated.

The fact is that adult acne is more prevalent than teenage acne. An estimate says around 45% of all products for treating acne is sold to the patients of adult acne.

Cause of Adult Acne
We know the cause of teenage acne is the puberty but the cause of adult acne seems to be a mystery. There are various causes involved in it. The most common cause is the poor hygiene. Almost all cases of adult acne are related to hormonal imbalance and the blockage of pores on the skin surface. Sometimes adult acne is the outcome of infection in the sebaceous glands. The good news however here is that whatever the cause is adult acne can easily be cured.

Treatment of Adult Acne
Most sufferers of adult acne get really horrified by acne outbreak that they run to the nearby pharmacy to grab any available over-the-counter product to combat this new menace. Unfortunately this cause more harm than any good. Most over-the-counter acne products are designed to cure teenage acne. These treatments or medicines do not have the ability to effectively treat adult acne as the cause of both types of acne is different.
It is not a myth that acne outbreak in adult years resembles the one in teen years but it needs some stronger cures. Whenever a person suffers an acne breakout in adolescence it is better to consult a dermatologist. The doctor is in a better position of diagnosing the cause behind this outbreak. Once the diagnosis of the root cause of acne is done, he will prescribe a treatment or medicine that can effectively help the person to get rod of acne forever.

The adults who are suffering from acne must make one thing clear in their minds that it is not only a matter of spotless face as the acne breakout hits the self-confidence and esteem of a person.

Don’t you think that it makes sense to visit a dermatologist rather then spending your fortune again and again at pharmacy in attempts to find the cause and try the treatment? As always adult acne is also accompanied by discomfort, anxiety and strong hit on self-confidence.

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