Acne Cream Treatment

Mild to Moderate Acne Cream Treatments

Acne cream treatment can be quite effective when applied to mild to severe skin breakouts. This type of treatment may not work for everyone but it is worth trying to take off the blemishes on your skin. There are various acne cream choices in the market and it is only your dermatologist that could help you figure out which one might work for you.

Depending on the severity of your acne condition, there are a number of acne cream treatments to opt for. Each of these creams has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some may work for some patients while it may be ineffective to others.

The most common over the counter acne cream treatment ingredient is benzoyl peroxide. This is commonly found in medications such as Oxy, ProActiv and Clearasil. Just a small amount of benzoyl peroxide is enough to clear up mild forms of acne. A high concentration of this ingredient might leave your skin dry and scaly.

Severe Acne Cream Treatments

For more serious cases of acne, your skin doctor might prescribe a more potent and powerful prescription acne cream treatment. The most prescribed creams are Differin, Retin-A, and Adapalene. These skin medications could reduce acne but they could also cause other skin problems such as scaling, burning, dryness or even pruritus. Some users can experience extreme photo sensitivity (or much dislike for sunlight). Some patients might also be allergic to certain acne cream treatment.

Before buying one, make sure that you have the proper prescription and that your dermatologist has really prescribed it to you.

Acne Scar Cream Removers

Aside from treating the root cause of acne, there are also other problems that need to be solved such as the condition and texture of the skin such as scarring. For acne scars, there are also creams that can be purchased to lessen, if not totally eradicate, these marks.

There are also a number of treatments for acne scars but two of the dermatologist-recommended methods are autologous fat transfer and collagen injections. For those who cannot afford such expensive treatments, creams that are specially formulated to remove scars would be the best choice. These are just some of the most sought-after acne scar creams in the market:

Physicians Complex—this is a microdermabrasion cream.
ScarGuard ScarCare—this is best applied to saucer-like papules as it will minimize scarring.
DermaNew—works much like Physicians Complex
Cellex-C—is a topical vitamin A cream.

An acne cream treatment may or may not be the answer to your acne problems. But never lose hope—your dermatologist will help you find the perfect medication for you.

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