Acne Cream Tazorac

acne cream tazorac Anybody who has ever had an acne problem will know how much it can affect one’s life. It lowers one’s self esteem and make you back out from most social gatherings. Almost everybody is on the look out for a way to treat this problem but it is hard to find a single solution that works for all. Acne cream Tazorac is a proven treatment and when used right and for the prescribed length of time will give very good results.

Tazorac is made of tazarotene and is a retinoid which is available both in the cream and gel form. This acne cream is non greasy and is very easy to use. For best results, use the acne cream Tazorac exactly as per the dermatologist’s instructions. It is used topically and is also affective against psoriasis. It is used against acne vulgaris which is mild to severe. 0.1% cream formulation is usually used against acne vulgaris on the face. The dermatologist will first diagnose how severe your acne problem is and then recommend a certain concentration of this product.

Apart from treating acne it also reverses premature aging of skin due to excessive exposure to the sun. It works against psoriasis by preventing inflammation of the skin. It also keeps the pores clean which will prevent clogging and hence reduce acne. The time required to see noticeable results is between 1 to 4 weeks and varies from individual to individual.

You should clean the area and dry it before applying Tazorac. The cream should be applied only on the pimples and not to the unaffected area. Use only the prescribed amount as over application can result in irritation of the skin. Mild irritation on using Tazorac is normal. If it gets excessive or itchy, inform your skin expert but usually irritation of the skin is normal and just shows that the treatment is working.

Patience is very important when using this product as results won’t be evident immediately. Continued usage and strictly adhering to the skin regimen will result in clear skin in a few weeks. This product can cause photosensitivity and hence adequate sunscreen and protective clothing should be worn. If the skin is severely inflamed or broken, do not use this cream on it.

The product has a drying effect on the skin which can result in peeling. To minimize this and irritation, you can apply a moisturizer before using Tazorac. Wait till the moisturizer is absorbed before you apply the cream. Don’t give up on the treatment if you experience peeling or redness of skin as this is a natural reaction to this treatment.

Always consult a dermatologist as this medication can have a reaction when combined with other treatments. It can also cause fetal abnormalities when used by pregnant women. Tazorac can treat white heads, black heads, papules as well as pustules. It has been clinically proven to have acne fighting powers and will definitely work even if you don’t see the results immediately.

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