Acne cream RetinA

acne cream retinaAcne is a very common problem and everybody tries to find a cure for it because it doesn’t let them look their best. A lot of treatments are out on the market and RetinA cream is one of the effective ones. It is possible to treat mild to moderately severe acne using this method. It is available in both cream and gel form and is usually prescribed. It only requires a single application a day and you will notice the results in a couple of weeks. After the acne has reduced significantly, the dosage can be reduced gradually as per the doctor’s advice.

RetinA stands for retinoic acid and is used to better the appearance of one’s skin. It also improves the skin by very mild peeling of the epidermal layer. It has an active ingredient called tretinoin which is derived from Vitamin A. The function of tretinoin is to remove all the existing acne plugs and prevent the formation of new acne plugs. Unlike some other acne treatments, this is clinically proven and is also approved by the FDA.

You should know that excess use of RetinA will not get you better results and may lead to redness and discomfort. In the beginning, its use can cause a flare up but this happens occasionally and should not be a cause for concern. After using RetinA, you will need to keep a few things in mind. You should not expose your skin to the sun as it can become photosensitive. If you already have sunburn then don’t use the cream until that disappears. The application should be done exactly over the affected area using a fingertip or cotton.

This treatment allows the use of make up but it the skin should be free of cosmetics before you apply the cream. If you are using other products on your skin which has drying effect, consult a doctor. You can also use petroleum jelly or other oil free moisturizer if your skin becomes very dry. Use a sun screen or cover your skin if going out in the sun is inevitable. In addition to reducing acne, RetinA also reduces pigmentation and dark spots left behind by acne. It also reduces fine lines as well as wrinkles. Women who are pregnant are advised not to use this product. This is a proven product and is very safe when used in the right amount.

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