Differin Cream For Acne

differin creamWhat is Differin?

Differin is acne medication that is commonly used to treat acne. It is made by Galderma Laboratories where they produce three different types of this medication: Differin gel, Differin solution and Differin Acne Cream. It treats acne by getting deep into the pores where it clears existing acne and prevents new acne to develop.

How Acne Medication Differin Works?

When our skin absorbs Differin it starts to normalize cells that were cloging the pores. The normalization of skin cells occurs because Acne Cream Differin controls the growth of new skin cells and regulates the oil production which results in reduction of acne and prevention of further acne breakouts. Acne occurs when our hormones trigger abnormal accumulation of skin cells and higher level of oil production which cloggs the cells and enables faster growth of bacteria inside the skin. Differin works by suppressing some of these processes and helps us treat acne.

How to use Acne Cream Differin and Acne Gel Differin?
There are four short steps when we are using Differin to treat acne.

1. Wash your face. The best time to apply it is before going to sleep. Cleanse your face and the affected areas with mild non-soap cleanser.
2. Dry the skin. Gently dry your skin with warm (not hot) towel to remove excess water. Try to dry skin gently because rubbing it harsh will result in skin irritation.
3. Apply evenly thin layer of gel or cream over the entire face except the vulnerable parts like lips and eyes. Avoid touching treated areas directly.
4. Wash the Differin solution of your hands.

When using Acne Cream Differin or Differin gel you have to follow the prescribed instructions carefully. Using the solution more than once a say will not result in better effect but may cause several unwanted side effects therefore it is important to use it only once a day.

Possible side effects of treatment with Differin

The majority of patients using Differin experience minimal side effects. Possible side effects that you may experience when using Differin are redness, drying, peeling, iritation, burning and acne flare-ups. Side effects can be avoided if we reduce or stop the treatment with differing. It is advisable to contact you doctor if you notice some of the side effects.

Can we use Differin with other acne solutions and medicaments?

Can be used with:
Differin can be used with anti-acne antibiotic treatments such as erythromycin, clindamycin, Dalacin-T or Cleocin-T if applied in the morning and Differin® is applied in the evening before bedtime.  You should not use both at the same time.
Differin can be used with non-oily noncomedogenic moisturizers and other skincosmetics.

Should not be used with:
Differin should not be used along with other anti-acne products containing Retinoid, retinoic acid, trinitoin or Vitamin A such as Retin-A, Retinol, Renova.
Differin should not be used with products containing alpha hydroxy, hydroxy or glycolic acid containing products.
Differin should not be used with any skin products containing sulfur, resorcinol or salicylic acid.
Differin can not be used with any peeling agents, hemical peels or laser peels.
Differin should not be used with benzoyl peroxide, Skinoren or Azelex as they may be drying or irritating.
Differin should not be used with any abrasive or medicated soaps, astringents, alcohol, lime, or witch-hazel products, or any products than can be drying or irritating to the skin.

The decision is yours

You have to decide which acne treatment is best for you. Before choosing the proper acne solution consult your doctor in order to ensure the most successful treatment for your condition. Acne Cream and Gel Differin are just one of the treatments on the market today but it is good to know that not only medical solutions are the answers to your acne problems. You also have the chance to make homemade acne remedies or homemade acne cream that are good alternative to medical acne solutions. Homemade Acne Solutions are cheaper and very easy to make from the supplies that you find in almost every kitchen.

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